DEPRAVED EROS is an active member of the BDSM Community and Lifestyle as well as an internationally known erotic photographer.


shared experiences:

“If you ever have a chance to have a shoot, grab it. 
Don't let your insecurities get in the way. 
Every person is beautiful in their own way regardless of
age, size or shape. I'm not saying everyone will have this
same experience,  but you will leave your shoot with
something.  If anything some great pictures as a reminder
of your time with the infamous DE.”

- Sherry




"Depraved Eros got to see us at our grittiest. At our most
genuine. He got to see my Sir pick at me and have me fight
back, and we didn't feel judged. The three of us laughed a
lot. I spent that entire shoot naked and didn't worry about
the other girls that Depraved Eros has shot. He made me
and my Sir feel comfortable in our skins. Everything about
this photo shoot felt natural and organic. It evolved into
what we wanted. I feel like part of that is from the dynamic
I share with my Sir, but another large part of that is because
of Depraved Eros and the energy he drew out of us.”

- Kaos and Ritz

“DE was sweet, encouraging, he gave suggestions, very
professional, did not bat an eye at the two requests we
gave him & when it was all over I wished we could do it again.

I have always hated pics of me, but these pics will be the first
pics of us ever done (aside from crappy cell phone pics). The first
professional pics of Master and myself & we choose erotic pics lol. 
I know they will be fabulous. I know in 20 years we will look back
on these pics and remember our crazy chemistry. I know this
without even seeing one of them yet because I know DE will not
let one go out with his name on it that isn't perfect. He is the best
I have seen & he is one of the sweetest guys I have ever met.”

Kraftys Angyl