preparing for a shoot with De:

Theme of the shoot:

Upon your arrival, we will sit down and discuss what you would like to ideally portray as well as any of your perceived flaws that you want me to be aware of. If you have any limits such as bending, I don't want to do this or I have to WEAR A MASK this is the time to discuss. I will assume that your face can be seen unless it is brought up. You are the model and it is you that must be happy with the outcome. If you can't really put a finger on what you want to portray you can use descriptive words like, powerful, mysterious, bubbly ect. You can know exactly what you want in detail or you can leave it to me. As you describe these things in person and I have met you I'll be able to form an image of the shoot in my head. Please dont ask me to tell you what it will look like before we have met I really wont know. You have final say to any ideas.

What to Wear and Bring:

Since I mostly travel by plane it is limited what I can bring as far as props go when I'm already bringing equipment. I have found it best you bring what you have if you want props as well as various shoes, boots, lingerie, club wear dresses, clothes, collars, cuffs ect. It's better to have more options than less. If you do not have any then I have mine. No worries.

I will ask that you go to a designated room and spread out all the items that you would consider wearing for the shoot. Lay each outfit out and then once we talk we can pick. I have had women that never change outfits and others that really want a particular look. AGAIN it is your time and I will honor your choices.

During that day leading up to the shoot please save me some editing time and do not wear tight fitting clothes, If possible do not wear a bra and underwear. These all leave lines in your skin.

Please ensure you powder your face to remove shine. Lipstick if wanted but I might be rubbing on your face so it might smear. Bring a towel to pat sweat off (very important in outdoor shoots) and that smudged makeup.

Some basics to remember:

  • Yes you can bring someone to shoot with you as a part of your shoot, couples are encouraged. Please let me know before hand so that I can prepare.
  • All shots will be classy, implied sexuality only. Do not ask for for shots to be pornographic. See my own photos as examples.
  • If your shoot is outdoors bring bug spray! I will try to have some in case you forget.
  • Do not come late, but also do not come more than 5 minutes early as another shoot is going on. If you are early please wait outside until it is your time. If you have a makeup person then schedule with your coordinator so that a area will be designated. It is a wonderful idea when you have a Hair and Makeup person, adds to the experience but it is NOT REQUIRED. You are responsible for securing and paying your own Hair and Makeup Person.
  • Final payment is due in cash, I do not have the ability to take debit or credit cards in person (deposit of course you can pay with debit and credit cards via paypal)
  • Have fun! This is supposed to be an experience to remember!

It is my job to make you look your best and shine like a star.

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to meet you and to make magic!