general information

Booking Inquires should be sent to and my shoot coordinator will contact you.

I shoot indoors and outdoors and all types of locations. I really like the outside shots for it allows nature to be incorporated. I try to have at least 2 location options for each shoot. One in and one out. During the winter months our shoots will be limited to inside unless we are in a warm part of the world. I am not always so lucky to find a city that allows much nudity but we work hard to try hard to find those tucked away areas so that the outside shoots can be incorporated as well. Not always guaranteed though.

I also love themed photo shoots and exploring the darker side of life, lust and sex appeal. From darkness the light is always more visible. Each picture should tell a story! If you are open to the edge then let me know and we can come up with some ideas.

Shoots would be strictly professional, I'm involved in staged pictures only when asked otherwise I am behind the camera always or in them if you so choose.

You're invited to bring an escort if you're having solo pictures done. They are welcome to wait in a designated area. I have found that when working with a single model it flows a lot more organically when it is just you and I. You allow yourself to flow into the mindset and the pictures reflect this.

You will receive 9 fully edited copies in large jpg file format. It takes an average of 10 to 15 hours to produce the full set. Producing DE quality art takes time. If the shoot is to be further then my general vicinity in Canada then an extra fee may be required for travel except when I do planned city traveling and a flat rate is worked out.

I have many props but you may wish to bring some of your own, this will be discussed ahead of time to suit the agreed upon theme if it is edge related or not the normal shoot. If I am traveling then the amount I can bring is limited. I always suggest bringing your own if they are special to you.